Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Expired Film Day 2017

Can it really be almost a year since my last post? 'Bad Andy!'


"Expired Film Day celebrates the joys of using film whose Use-By date has (preferably long-since) passed. One of the particular pleasures of being a film-using photographer in these modern times is the abundance of expired-but-still-probably-pretty-good film on the market, found in grandparents’ attics or at thrift stores, or sourced from the freezers of pros who’ve gone digital.

Expired film can be unpredictable: if you know how it was stored, it might be easy to compensate for its age, if that’s even necessary. If you don’t, your results could range from dark, to flat, to color-shifted and beyond. Many people today say the potential unpredictability of using film is part of what draws them to it over digital; using expired film takes the existing unpredictability of using film and compounds it."

The above is lifted from the 'Expired Film Day' website, explaining the idea far better than I can…

Expired Film Day is tomorrow, March 15th, and I'll being joining in by using up some of this…

Film for Expired Film Day 2017

In these…

Cameras for Expired Film Day 2017

So that's some Ilford Pan F+ dated 2007, a couple of rolls of Fujicolor SuperG Plus 200 dated 1997 and some Kodak Gold 100 dated 1996!

Add one classic camera (Olympus Trip 35 - a charity shop find) and one unloved runt of the litter (Nikon FG-20 + 50mm Series E lens) and I'm all set.

Wish me luck!

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