Friday, 31 July 2015

Just take the photo!

I wonder how many of us, even with digital photography, end up not taking a photo just because the conditions we find ourselves in are less than our ideal?

For example… While visiting friends at the weekend one of their cats suddenly appeared outside a rather high (but ground floor) window and kept peering in, all wide-eyed at the humans in her house!

For a few minutes we just watched (and chuckled at) her amusing behaviour but I didn't reach for my camera because I'm not that keen on shooting through glass (Ariel's antics would've kept me amused (photographically speaking) for ages without a window in the way).

Eventually though I did pick up my camera (Fujifilm X-E1 + 18-55mm lens) and grabbed a couple of shots…

Ariel, glaring at somebody sitting in 'her' spot

Ariel, people watching

I'm glad I did and I'll try to overcome my reluctance to take a shot when that person/car/cloud is in the 'wrong' place or indeed that cat is on the 'wrong' side of the window in future…

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