Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Kodak 66 Model II folding camera

I'm off to London for the day tomorrow and will be taking this little beauty along with me…

Kodak 66 Model II

Found in a charity shop in Newcastle upon Tyne a couple of months ago for the princely sum of three pounds the 66 was Kodak's only post-war folding camera that took 120 film and not 620 hence this label inside the camera!

Made in England between 1958 & 1960 the Model II has a 75mm f/6.3 Kodak Anaston lens with a three-speed (+B) Vario shutter, both of which seem to be in good working order and I'm planning on trying it out with a roll of Ilford XP2 film.

One nice little detail is this label, also inside the camera, bearing what I assume are the details of the shop where it was originally purchased.

James Mills (Chemist) Ltd.

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